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Most people don’t know there are two distinct types of photography, or that there’s even a difference. They think pictures of buildings are either good or bad. While this is true, it is typically the result of the kind of photography/photographer. Real Estate Photographers and Architectural Photographers are driven by two major factors.

  • First of course is their skill level, this often but not always determines the category they fall into.
  • Second is the clientele, generally speaking real estate agents rely on poor imagery to sell very expensive homes, whereas Architects and Builders rely in spectacular imagery to sell their services for the same homes.

So why wouldn’t both real estate professionals and businesses each want high quality imagery and marketing material? After all they are basically selling the same thing, and wouldn’t they want to get the most from it? The short answer is no.

by Real Estate Photographers & Agents

These are all from real listings over $500k

Real estate professionals are focused on the numbers, and not always the numbers you’d expect.

While they care about the work that goes into an individual listing, they are looking at the big picture, and trying to increase their numbers through doing more deals, and spending less money. Even if that means leaving some money on the table. Many studies to prove this, showing that agents often receive a higher return than their clients. That is because they are focused on the individual deal rather than their business numbers.

Agents hire photographers based on getting as much coverage as possible (20-30 images), in an incredibly short amount of time (1hr shoot, 1-2 day turnaround), for a small amount of money (often $100-$300). In order to achieve the goals of the agents, photographers are forced to rush their composition (if do any at all), then relying heavily on software to edit the whole batch in the matter of minutes or hours. The results are the exact poor imagery that overwhelms the Real Estate Industry, which does very little to entice buyers. It satisfies the agents and homeowners because they see a “professional photographer” come in and take shots, leaving them to think their home was properly represented.

by Jon Menezes

On the other side of the coin are the Architects and Builders.

They spend months, if not years creating their work, putting an incredible amount of thought and time into their projects. These same projects are the portfolio pieces that will get them future work. So when it comes time to photograph them they want an equal amount of effort put into the photos. They rely on photos to create excitement, a wow factor for prospective clients. They hire a professional that spends hours, or days with a property to capture a handful of well thought out photos. Photos that will properly highlight the features of a property. An architectural photographer will find the shots, then make sure they shoot them at the proper time, waiting for the right lighting and setting. They make sure everything in the photo is there for a reason, they adjust or remove anything that isn’t. Professional lighting is key to make interest points stand out and look great. Sometimes it takes up to an hour and 50 photos to properly create a single image. After the photographer completes the shoot they then craft the images by hand, isolating each interest point, and blending them in a realistic and artistic way. The final result are images that will evoke emotion from the viewers, creating an excitement and desire to posses the subject.

“The core of Mercedes’ marketing relies on 11 well crafted images to create a beautiful canvass for you to fill with your dreams”

The Power of Marketing.

Take a look outside Architecture/Real Estate photography. Everything from perfumes, to watches to nice cars are photographed with the purpose of creating desire. These are luxury items that have less expensive counterparts that will effectively serve the same purpose. Yet people crave these items because of their marketing and positioning within the market.

Let’s look at Mercedes Benz for example. Being we live in Montana so I chose their GLS for this example. Here’s their website. What you see is a grand total of 11 images in the gallery and well thought out marketing material. The core of Mercedes’ marketing relies on 11 well crafted images to create a beautiful canvass for you to fill with your dreams of owning one. This is what convinces their customers to pay double that of a typical small SUV, for the privilege of owning a Mercedes Benz.

What you don’t see is a bunch of poor images that show every square inch of the car. After all you already know there’s a gas tank, glove box, and gas pedal, why would they ever break the fantasy to show these things with subpar imagery. Architects and Builders understand this, they understand the importance of great marketing and investing in that marketing. This is lost on the real estate professionals, they are typically people that got into the industry to work for themselves, and have a flexible schedule. They have little marketing experience and think of the price for the shoots like that of a personal expense rather than a business investment.

The power of marketing is what drove me to become a REALTOR®.

I spent years working for the best on the building & design side of the industry, trying to sell my services to the real estate side. I believe given the opportunity, home owners will not only understand the importance of professional marketing, but greatly benefit through the results.

Both myself and JMMTco. are new to Bozeman. I’m now doing Architectural photography in the real estate industry as a REALTOR®. The beauty is, as a REALTOR® Jon provides the same high caliber marketing for his clients at no additional cost. Whether you are an individual or Developer Jon brings the power of professional marketing and photography to you at the same price that any ordinary agent will charge.

Let me show you what I can do for you. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the difference with professional marketing material and will get better results.



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